Lori is a true southern belle, born and raised in Louisiana but now a proud Californian. Her professional journey began as a nurse, gaining valuable experience across various specialties for over a decade. With a thirst for knowledge, Lori pursued a Master’s degree and currently serves as a Physician Assistant at one of California’s top hospitals. Alongside her medical career, she runs two wellness companies: Lori Lembcke Inc., her personal brand dedicated to helping busy moms overcome burnout and overwhelm, and Lux and Leaf Wellness, a holistic wellness company featuring Lori’s personally developed CBD facial serum and high-quality nutraceutical supplements. As a mother, wife, and multi-passionate wellness expert, Lori is driven to empower busy mothers to live a fulfilling life, free from overwhelm and burnout.

Lori fondly refers to Cate as her unicorn friend. Not only do they share the challenges of practicing medicine, but they are also both mothers with children of similar ages. Living close by, they have formed a genuine friendship that extends beyond their common experiences.


Like Lori, Cate is not originally from California, but she has fully embraced the West Coast lifestyle. Having grown up in Minnesota, she now has a deep appreciation for the perpetual sunny climate and the proximity to the beach. After completing her medical studies and internal medicine residency in the Midwest and the South, Cate finally settled in Los Angeles after completing fellowship and a Master’s in clinical research and meeting her husband. She currently holds dual board certifications in Internal Medicine and Infectious Diseases and works at a top tertiary care center.

Cate and Lori met in the hospital and became fast friends, bonding over the unique challenges of being working mothers who also have personal interests and ambitions outside of medicine. When she is not attending to her patients or taking care of her two young children, Cate keeps herself creatively engaged through illustration, painting, writing, coding, and woodworking. Inspired by her own kids during the pandemic, she authored and illustrated a children’s book called “Coronavirus is Boo Boo.”